You and everyone else who makes health the #1 priority in life.


As a 100% USP grade approved product, Renew exceeds United States Pharmacopeia standards, and is completely safe for most people, with little risk of side effects. Just be sure to read and follow the instructions on the label.


Renew is for you, if you want to…


  • Recharge your cells, your body fluids, and your organs for optimal health
  • Defend against cancer
  • Protect yourself against (or even improve) diabetes
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Lower blood pressure (and reduce the risk of heart disease or heart attack)
  • Restore your natural and abundant energy levels that last all day
  • Sleep your deepest sleep every night
Absolutely. It can reduce wrinkles on the face by helping to hydrate your skin, rebalance its pH levels and create a softer appearance. People also report that pores starts to reduce in size and number.
As often as you wish. You can use it on an as-needed basis. But it’s best if you use it every day. You want to think of it as a way to “take your vitamins and minerals” but through your skin.
Unlike most supplements, especially very potent ones, this does not have an expiration date. Renew is not an oil in the true sense. It is a concentrated form of magnesium chloride.
It’s different for everyone. Here is what others report:

“My husband and myself had immediate results. No cramping from feet or legs after first use. Able to sleep through the night. Spray feet and rub in before we go to bed.”

Sally Cornell, Baltimore, Maryland

“I noticed leg cramps was gone within a couple days of spraying this on my legs daily. I wanted to make sure this effect wasn’t psychosomatic so I stopped using it for about a week. Leg cramps back!”

Adam Hodgkins

“My husband and I notice relief from muscle spasms within 20 minutes. For headaches it usually takes about an hour. For daily use we notice improvement in sleep, mental focus, and stamina within a week.”

Rachael, Austin, Texas